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            Antimicrobial Agent
            Antifungi Agent
            The antibacterial finishing agent
            Electronic Materials
            Other Chemicals
            Air Purification
            Aron Alpha Adhesive
            Other Industrial
            Antibacterial products


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            Inorganic Deodorant

            It has a superior deodorizing effect on various unpleasant odors in the living environment. 
            It reacts chemically with gases from bad odors. Therefore, it has a superior instantaneous deodorizing effect. In addition, it reliably deodorizes bad odors in low concentrations which have been difficult to deodorize using conventional materials. It has a superior deodorizing capacity and persistence.

            * Deodorizing various gases from bad odors
            * Superior instantaneous deodorizing effect
            * Reliably deodorizes odors at low concentrations
            * Superior persistent deodorizing effect
            * Superior heat resistance

            Main applications
            Since it is a thermally and chemically stable material, it has wide-ranging applications in films, paper, non-woven fabrics, other textiles, molded products, and paints. It is a revolutionary deodorant that meets the needs of the market.

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