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            Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide


            A photocatalyst is a material that functions as a catalyst (alters the rate of a chemical reaction) when exposed to light.
            It shows "decomposing ability" and "hydrophilic properties" upon exposure to ultraviolet light.

            *Decomposing Ability

            As it can decompose various organic substances, it removes dirt and odors, as well as reduces the growth of germs.

            *Hydrophilic Properties

            The surface easily becomes wet, so when rain water falls on it, the water goes under the dirt and suspends it, and as a result, the dirt can be washed off. There is also an anti-fogging effect.

            Usage of Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide

            Photocatalyst is used in products of various fields depending upon the effect, as shown in the figure below.

              This kind of products yet
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